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Imagine Not Relying On The Outside World For Feed......

Growing Fresh, Nutritious Sprouted Barley Fodder Is The Future!

Grown On Farm - Incredible For All Grass Eating Animals

  • Tremendous rapid healthy weight gain in cattle & sheep
  • Over 90% digestible
  • High in protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals
  • ​Can be used as a supplement or complete feed 
  • Huge health benefits for horses
  • Enables larger herd sizes to live on a smaller footprint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • ​1:5 ratio of grain to feed in just 4 days!

Introducing The World's Most Advanced Hydroponic Fodder System

The FG20 Transportable
Produces 1400-1600 lbs Per Day!

Now Available For Rent*

*Approved and eligible clients only

Check Out These Features!

  • Super Strong Structure - Can Be Moved To Any Location
  • Fully Insulated - For Deployment Into Any Conditions
  • Can Be Located Indoors Or Out
  • Stainless Steel Trays - Built To Last 20 + Years
  • Powder Coated Racks - Can Never Rust or Mold
  • Consistent Quality Every Day
  • 4 Day Growth - Maximizes Yield In The System
  • World's Most Advanced Air System - Ensuring perfect fodder
  • Remotely monitored for quality

Easy 4 Step Growing Process!

Step 1 - Soaking The Grain

The Grain Is Soaked For A Specified Period Of Time. This Assists In The Germination Process And Gets Our Fodder Off To A Flying Start.

We Treat The Grain During This Process To Ensure That Mold Does Not Become An Issue Later In The Process.

Step 2 - Seeding The Trays

The Grain Is Then Placed On The Trays Using A PVC Seeding Tool. Automated Watering, Air Control & Grow Lights Then Commence For The Next 4 Days

As each day progresses, the grain sprouts and the root mat forms containing enzymes, starches and protein.

Step 3 - 4 Day Grow Cycle

After 4 Days In The Precisely Controlled Conditions, Our Fodder Grows From A Seed To A Fresh Fodder Biscuit. Each Tray Can Weigh Up To 70 lbs Each!

The Fully Grown Fodder Has Approximately 6" Of Green Grass On Top And Will Smell Like Fresh Salad Or 'Cucumbers'.

Step 4 - Harvest Time

After 4 Days Growing On The Trays, Our Fodder Is Easily Removed And Is Ready To Be Fed! It Is A Simple Process That Even 1 Person Can Easily Perform

Harvesting The Full System Takes Only A Few Minutes Each Day And Typically The Fresh Fodder Is Loaded Into Some Type Of Vehicle And Delivered To The Feed Site.

After Harvesting A Quick 5 Minute Cleaning Regime Will Keep Your System In Top Order!

What About The Cost Of Production?

  • Extremely cost effective at around 6c per pound
  • Includes the cost of grain, power & water
  • Indicative equipment finance cost $2000 per month
  • Great profit margins if resold
  • Well under the cost of traditional feed
  • Zero transport cost when grown on farm or ranch
  •  Increases profits even for grass fed operations

Watch This Quick Video On Production Costs

  • Breakdown of input costs
  • Grain costs & source
  • Water, power and labor
  • ​Feed cost per head
  • ​Daily & yearly overall production cost

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Case Studies!

Beef Cattle

This is a typical scenario that we have witnessed around the world many times;

Amount Fed: 44lbs fresh fodder per day (20kgs)
Additives: 2-3lbs dry feed such as hay or forage (1-2kgs)
Results: Weight gain of 2.2lbs (1kg) to 3.3lbs (1.5kgs) is typical

We have witnessed weight gains in excess of this but rarely under. Results can vary due to the cattle breed, genetics and prevailing weather conditions.

Performance Horses

This is a typical scenario that we have witnessed around the world many times;

Amount Fed: 10lbs - 30lbs fresh fodder per day (22kgs - 26kgs)
Additives: Could be various such as grain and hay
Results: Great hydration, speedy recovery and better mental state

There are huge benefits for all types of horses but especially what we call performance horses. This includes equestrian, racing, quarter horses, roping, cutting etc...


This is a typical scenario that we have witnessed around the world many times;

Amount Fed: 4.5lbs fresh fodder per day (2kgs)
Additives: Some dry feed such as hay or forage
Results: Rapid healthy weight gain is consistent

Sheep and lambs benefit enormously from fresh fodder. Ewes frequently produce twins when fed fodder and their milk is extremely rich. Lambs typically get to market 30 days earlier. Fodder also has a dramatic effect on the quality of the wool produced by wool sheep. Increases in the % of A grade wool are huge.


This is a typical scenario that we have witnessed around the world many times;

Amount Fed: Dependent on the type of animal
Additives: Can be dry feed or custom mixes
Results: Lower feed and vet bills

Zoos can benefit in huge savings over traditional feed costs. All of the grass eating animals will love fodder including Giraffe, Zebra, Wilder Beast, Tortoises, Kangaroos and more......

The beautiful Giraffe in the image is from a part in South Florida. They can be very fussy eaters but as you can see, this guy came right up to the back of the truck to ensure he secured his allocation!

So What Do I Get?

If I Join The Feeding Revolution...

  • The FG20 Hydroponic Transportable Fodder System
  • Soaking Trolley With Hose Adapters
  • Patented Seeding Tool
  • ​H2O2 For Grain Soaking
  • ​Fully Automated & Integrated Air & Management System
  • ​Introduction To Quality Grain Dealers
  • ​Marketing Support If Reselling Fodder
  • ​Direct, WhatsApp Access To Our Grow-Master For 30 Days
  • ​Ongoing Support & Assistance
  • ​3 Year Structural Warranty, 1 Year Manufacturer's On Parts
  • ​Remote Monitoring Of The System

System Walk Through!

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