Finally A Way To Reduce Feed Costs On Your Farm To Under 6c Per Pound, Without Breaking The Bank!

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Fodder Group leads the way globally in hydroponic system production.

Our systems are the global benchmark in quality, production levels and management systems.  

Fresh On Farm

Hydroponic fodder is freshly grown on your farm 365 days of the year! .

  • Reduce Feed Costs

    The high and fluctuating cost of hay and grain based feed can be crippling to farms however fodder changes everything

  • Highly Nutritious

    Spending money on feed with little nutritional value is a blueprint to bankruptcy. Fresh fodder ticks all nutritional boxes 

  • Uses Less Water

    Fodder uses a fraction of the water it requires to grow feed conventionally. Fodder solves high costs and inconsistent rainfall

  • 90% Digestible

    That grain in your manure is actually your cash. Fodder is over 90% digestible giving maximum value & results

FG20 Transportable Delivers Results

Maximum yield means more animals fed leading to maximum profitability 

  • Huge Yield

    1700lbs (770kgs) of fresh fodder produced each day. 1:6 ratio of grain to seed in 4 days is outstanding

  • High Quality

    Every component in our FG20 transportable is best in class ensuring longevity

  • US Made

    Made in the USA from quality American components. Built to extremely high standards 

  • Solar Compatible

    All of our systems can be run on solar or generator, reducing energy requirements and cost

  • Consistant

    Perfect quality fodder 365 days a year makes it easy to budget and accurately predict costs

  • 4 Day Grow Cycle

    Huge explosion in yield verses a 5, 6 or 7 day cycle. More yield equals more animals fed and better value


Unique 4 day growing cycle from seed to feed.

A 4 day growth cycle provides an incredible 20% more fodder over a 5 day cycle. Increased yield in the same amount of trays means more animals fed each day

Feed Larger Herds With Onsite Systems

Feed any size herd with systems built your farm, to your specification

  • Scalable

    Standard size onsite systems start at 5200lbs per day right through to 13000lbs. Custom sizes available  

  • Low Power Use

    Super low power draw by our state of the art IGroTec air and management system

  • Turn Key

    We manage everything from the design to the end product. All you supply is the power and water 

  • Automated

    Watering, air and lighting system all activate at precise times. Conveyers can be added to move the fodder

  • Low Water Usage

    Extremely low water usage without anything being wasted. Excess water can bee fed to your stock

  • Low Maintenance

    Extremely low maintenance with only preventative cleaning required. Remote monitoring included

Cost Effective Finance

No need to outlay cash resources when you can intelligently finance your fodder system purchase. Free up capital for stock and other important purchases

From just $1275 per month 

* Price subject to credit score and approval. Provided as an indication only. Assumes purchase is an FG20 system over 60 months

They All Love It!

Livestock instinctively know what's good for them and literally come running when they see hydroponically grown fodder. Here are just a few of many animals we feed. 

Beef Cattle







Dairy Cows


These clients are reaping the benefits and want the world to know

Dane Meyer

System Owner & Beef Producer

"My FG20 system produces well over the rated 1500lbs Fodder Group said it would. I could not be happier"

Curt Swenson

Grain Specialist

"I've been buying grain for the fodder industry for nearly 10 years and the Fodder Group is way ahead of the pack" 

Gladys Aravelo

Professional Rider

"Horses absolutely love fresh fodder fodder and I'd recommend all owners to introduce it into their horse's diet"


Saving Our Environment

Fodder is Environmentally Responsible

Feeding livestock fodder is a responsible thing to do as it's sustainable, economical and we get the greatest use out of our resources. Let's leave the next generation a legacy. 


    Managing our water resources wisely is important to future generations. Fodder reduces water consumption 


    Fodder has a 1:6 ratio of grain to fodder over 4 days. Let's get maximum value from every grain we grow


    Feeding fodder reduces methane emissions verses feeding a typical feedlot or grass diet


Start Your Own Fodder Business 

Growing and selling fodder is a business model that is now taking off. Watch our video to learn how you could start your own business today without any competition!

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